21st VSS final presentations - "The Four Horsemen of Future Human Rights Apocalypse"

This year, participants were given the task of defining the problems/challenges related to human rights in the future (in the perspective of the next 20 years).

21st VSS - study visits to Malopolska

For the past 20 years, Malopolska has been our reliable Partner, thanks to which we have been able to show our participants the beauty and uniqueness of our Region.

21st VSS - Inspiring the Future of the Visegrad Group

On the official closing day of the 21st Visegrad Summer School, we hosted the Director of the International Visegrad Fund, Amb.

21st VSS - human rights organizations

As part of this year's School, we planned a special block devoted to organizations working to protect human rights.

21st VSS Future Literacy: Future of Human Rights

As part of this year's edition of the School our participants took part in workshops Future Literacy: Future of Human Rights conducted by Anna Sacio-Szymańska and Karol Wasilewski from 4CF The Futures Literacy Com